In this post we will be covering:

  • The Lead Generation Sales Funnel Problem
  • What Is Clickfunnels
  • Is It Worth It?
  • Pros and Cons
  • Clickfunnels Pricing

The Why – Lead generation Sales Funnel Problem

If you have an online business or is just trying to sell products online, then probably you have already passed through some hard time trying to convert leads into actual customers.

And even later, you’ve struggled (or still are) to make your business profitable. You try building sales funnels to improve your lead generation by your own but still, you spend a lot of time and money into something that turns out to be mediocre at it’s best.The truth is even though being a online entrepreneur brings a lot of freedom and advantages, the beginning is never easy to anyone.

You try a bunch of stuff and fail over and over again until you find something that can boost your business up like a fricking steroid for businesses!

The How – What Is Clickfunnels

What if I told you there was a online magic weapon you could use to run basically your ENTIRE online business if you wanted?

Well my dear reader, this weapon is called Clickfunnels. So what is Clickfunnels anyways?

ClickFunnels is an all in one sales and marketing solution. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to quickly setup sales funnels to capture leads and CONVERT them into customers. The Etison Suite comes fully equipped with email marketing and eCommerce capabilities.

Start Right Now With Clickfunnels FREE Trial

The Tricky Part – Is Clickfunnels A SCAM??

The thing is, if you check the ammount of marketing techniques that is being used to promote this tool, you will probably take a step back and start doubting about the legitimacy of this product.

Their marketing is so well worked that it makes it hard to decide if it’s a true valuable service or just another SCAM.

But when given a chance, Clickfunnels will actually show itself as a great tool that will save you a huge load of time, team recruitment and generate you money like never before.

You just have to know HOW to use it, which is very easy.

Clickfunnels Review – Pros and Cons

What You Will Like Best?

  • Great landing page builder
  • Email and eCommerce capabilities
  • Easy to clone multi-page funnels
  • Can be used to run your entire business

And there is the straight-Up training! There is absolutely nothing held back. Proven models are provided and it is completely up to us to follow. And the support – it simply does not stop (such a great thing to have). Each day is designed to build on the previous and that in itself is setting us up for absolute success! I salute the entire CF & OFA Teams = an invaluable community and I am proud to be a member! BOOM!

The family atmosphere in the community is unlike anything that I have experienced. Everything from advice to ideas, from suggestions to connections, CF has mastered not only the networking but also lifelong friends.

How much you are able to do with it at times can be overwhelming and there is a bit of learning curve, however, you are able to get all the resources due to the sheer popularity of the product. There are more successful entrepreneurs thanks to this product than any other service of its kind.

What You Might Not Like:

  • Customer support isn’t exactly immediate
  • Marketing automation is a little junky
  • Higher price

Clickfunnels Pricing

Just before you see ir: you can actually have a Clickfunnels 14 day free trial.

This table shows the pricing the Clickfunnels Pricing and it’s respectives benefits included:

StartupFull Site
Price:$97 / month$297 / month
Number of funnels20Unlimited
Number of pages100Unlimited
Number of visitors20kUnlimited
Custom domains3Unlimited
Affiliate Program IntegrationNo Yes
Number of billing options integrations13
Number of leadsUnlimitedUnlimited

See clickfunnels pricing page now by clicking here!

The Final Verdict – Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

Clickfunnels is a well know and well liked tool used by businesses all around the globe. Of course it can have some cons but who doesn’t?

The real deal is: the results that your business will get will depend if you are or re not investing on it.

So I hope you liked this review! Leave a comment bellow and show your opinion, would be AWESOME!

For you that enjoyed Clickfunnels, here is the 14 day FREE trial link.

Bye my friend!

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