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Would You Like To Attract More Patients Every Week Constantly, Without Having To Worry If You Are Spending Enough Or Too Much In Your Marketing?

How can someone like me, grow my dental practice if I have to spends a lot of time taking good care of my patients?

What most dentists get wrong when trying to market their practices is that they try to figure stuff out for themselves. They spend a lot of time testing things, seting up Facebook and instagram accounts and don't get me wrong, they are great platforms but it won't work if you don't have the right strategy and time to manage it.

With that, they end up not performing well, loosing resting time and getting with a bad mood at work, letting patients unhappy.

And guess what? These unhappy patients end up swiching you for another dentist in their area.

You should be able to get patinets contacting you constantly without having to worry too much about it. Geting this anxienty out of you will allow you to work even better with your clients, making them return allways!

You should be able to spend time with your work during work time and then, spending it with your friends, family and who deserves better: yourself!

So here are 4 simple steps that I use that allow you to reach all of that:

1 - Use paid online advertisement and target it a your local area
Using paid ads in a local area is a powerfull tool, being able to reach thousands of people in just a matter of 4-5 days.

2 - Use email or Facebook messenger to keep your patients contact:
I'ts easier to make a patient return to you rather thenn making new patients come in. This is true for all marketing areas, and most important in the Dental market. I use email marketing and chatbots to keep patients recieving discounts and news from you, making them return to you when they are in need for a dentist.

3 - Outsource:
It's no mistery that you are a busy person. Your job demands a lot of time to be done. When we prioritize our time like that, the best way to implement a new task is to outsource it. Leave it to a person you trust that understands it better than you. This is what makes growth happen.

4 - Focus on your patients:
After you have all of the above dealt for you, you can happily focus on your patients, giving them the attention they need, making not only them, but you, your family and friends happy.

How will we serve you?

When working with us, this is what you will get:

1 - A group of facebook ads running for you as quick as possible.
As I said, youa re a busy peson, so we focus on setting up a group of ads on Facebook as quickly as possible. They will generate you new potential patients every week, focusing on getting people at your door and growing your social media presence at your area. This feature can grow the number of patiets by 20% in a single month.

2 - A chatbot list that grows every month.
This will keep patients comming back every month, as we will keep sending them discounts and tips there, making them like you even more. This is important to leverage the new patinets the ads will bring you.

We use chatbot instead of email due to it's higher conversions. An email marketing open rate can go as low as 20% but a chatbot message open rate can go as high as 80%.

With a good Facebook ad Management you will be ale to get 10 - 30 new patients every week! Imagine if you sell simple $200 consultations for them? that would be at the worst scenario a $2,000 - $6,000 extra to your practice revenue!

The best part is that they will keep comming back so if a patient returns every 3 months, in a year those 10 patients would generate you $8,000 - $12,000! that, if you sell only simple $200 consultations.

Its time to get growing!

No more stress or anxiety when trying to market your dental practice!

No more time wasted trying to do things by yourself!

Get in touch and start growing your practice today!

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